20-24 February 2013

"Cycling" Pride of Belarus

Cycling sport in Belarus is represented by 7 regional divisions of the Belarusian Cycling Federation, 26 cycling schools, 146 trainers, over 3,500 riders and 100 days of exciting competitions, alongside events of the national calendar and world major events of the season, like European and World Championships, and Olympics.

Belarusian cycling school has trained such prominent athletes as the Olympic champions Vladimir Kasminski (road racing), Oleg Logvin (road racing), Valery Moachan (road racing); the Olympic bronze medalist and 8-time’s words champion Natalia Tsylinskaya (track cycling); world champions Vasiliy Kirienko (track cycling), Alexander Lisovski (track cycling), Olga Panarina (track cycling), Tatyana Sharakova (track cycling), Zinaida Stagurskaya (road racing); U23 world champion Konstantin Sivtsov (road racing); world junior’s champion Vasiliy Repinski (track cycling).

Many riders from Belarus today perform in the world leading cycling clubs, participating and winning different rounds of cycling legendary races.

Within the Minsk Arena sports centre, a velodrome with a modern track was built, which meets the highest international standards. In 2009, Minsk hosted the European Track Cycling Championships. New bicycle lanes, MTB and BMX tracks are being planned and constructed, aimed to extend a number of cycling amateurs, who use a bicycle as a basic transportation and recreational means.

Today cycling sport in Belarus is aimed to adopt international standards in terms of event’s organization and new modern technologies of sports marketing and management, to involve public organizations and business in the cycling movement.

In Belarus, cycling competitions find a wide support of media resources. Actual media coverage for the Belarusian and post-Soviet audience is carried out via www.cycling.by, the official web-side of the Belarusian Cycling Federation.


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