20-24 February 2013


Minsk restaurants are offering cuisines of different world countries, from Belarusian to Asian. There is a plenty of bars with their own breweries, alongside American and European-style pubs. Alongside numerous dinning venues, drop in the «Upper Town» restaurant situated right in the centre of Minsk, on Svobody Square, in the building of an old-day Merchant Yard. This historic building has been staying in the heart of Minsk for 3 hundreds years and is famous for its town panoramic view. From the restaurant bay-window, one can enjoy an amazing landscape of Svisloch River, refined silhouette of the Palace of Sports, and Medieval area of the Trinity Suburbs, in a cosy atmosphere. Those who want dive back into the Soviet past should visit «Déjà vu» or «Tovarisch» restaurants, with classic retro interiors, which remind of a bright and unique era of the Soviet Union.


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