20-24 February 2013

Nikolai Ladutko
"Welcome to Minsk!"

Hosting the 2013 UCI Track Cycling World Championships is a great honor and a huge responsibility for the capital city of the Republic of Belarus.

The city of Minsk is a political, economic, scientific, cultural and, of course, a sporting center of the country. Minsk has a modern infrastructure and a convenient transport system. Comfortable hotels are ready to accommodate large numbers of guests, and public safety, law and order are ensured at all times.

Our numerous sports facilities fit well within the modern outlook of our city and attract sports enthusiasts like giant magnets. They meet the highest international standards in terms of functionality and flexible usage, with pleasant and appealing exteriors.

The Minsk Arena offers a modern velodrome. This multi-function sports and cultural center has already been the venue for numerous world and European sporting events and competitions.

I am sure that new victories will be achieved, and new records set, in this superb sports arena.

I sincerely believe that the Track Cycling World Championships in Minsk will be a true celebration of the sport of cycling, and will create an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Welcome to Minsk!

Nikolai Ladutko,
Chairman, Minsk City Executive Committee


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