20-24 February 2013

Alexander Muraviev

With great enthusiasm we welcome the decision of the International Cycling Union to hold the 2013 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Belarus. For us it is an important milestone in the development of the sport of cycling in our country, an honorable and responsible mission, for which we are sincerely grateful to the Management Committee of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

I strongly believe that the forthcoming event will attract huge public attention. The more so, as cycling as a sport enjoys particularly serious and dedicated attention in our country.

It is a tradition for Belarusian athletes to be among the best cycle riders in the world. Natalia Tsylinskaya, Vasili Kirienko, Olga Panarina, Tatsiana Sharakova, Alexander Lisovsky, Victor Repinsky and many other eminent Belarusian riders have entered their names in the history of track cycling competitions. They introduced a strong tradition of selfless dedication, endurance, hard work, and brilliant victories, now being followed by a new generation of Belarusian riders.

The broad and comprehensive support of the Government, the Minsk City authorities, and numerous partners within the Belarusian Cycling Federation; the warm interest and hospitality of the Belarusian people; and the work of a team of professionals capable of undertaking complex tasks, will combine to ensure that the hosting of the World Championships will be of the highest quality.

I am sure that the Belarusian velodrome will enable each rider to show their best sporting and human qualities and to achieve spectacular results, and that a huge audience will be able to watch an engrossing, dynamic and fair competition in the course of this colourful and memorable event.

Let new cycling stars shine bright at these Championships!

Alexander Muraviev,
Chairman, Belarusian Cycling Federation


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