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Natalia Tsylinskaya:
"Daughters are my main medals»"

19 Apr 2012

Today, a prominent track rider Natalia Tsylinskaya devotes her life to three charming daughters, Maria, Anna and Ekaterina. Though, not long ago she excited Belarusian fans with her great success. There are over 50 medals in her rich collection of awards. In mid 2000ies, this girl from Minsk alone dominated in sprint and 500 meters track time trial. She won 28 medals in the World Cup ties and eight times she put on the rainbow jersey of the World Champion.

VIDEO REVIEW: Natalia Tsylinskaya

— Is there the most valuable victory you would recollect?

— I wouldn’t mark out a single victory. In 2000, in Manchester, for the first time I became the world champion, and right in two disciplines, sprint and time trial. It’s impossible to forget this. Two years later, in the Dutch Ballerup again I won a double victory and proved that my British triumph wasn’t occasional. Everyone knows that to defend a champion’s title is much more difficult than just to win it; and all the following victories are valuable for me. Though, to tell you the truth, I often recollect those world contests, where I failed to win and made mistakes. I think if I lost, I was doing something wrong.

— Any Olympic medal is an undoubted success. But any way, do you feel incompleteness of your career?

— Sure, as far as getting on top of the Olympic podium is the major aim of any athlete.

— Who was your most inconvenient match?

— During World Cup rounds and Olympics, there are no occasional people. Only sports elite can get there, and nobody expects easy laps. As for me, the more experienced were my competitors, the more interesting was the race. Thereupon, I did like to compete with Australian rider Anna Meares; her style was always unpredictable and she always showed a very exciting sprint racing. And, I would note that I myself was the most inconvenient match for me.

— Was there the place for friendship among athletes?

— We were friends with Anna Meares and Simona Krupeckaite from Lithuania, I trained with.

— Due to your success, Minsk has got such a modern cycle track...

— Several times in my career, I had a chance to talk to the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who does much for the development of sports in the country. And every time I asked him to promote construction of a velodrome in Belarus. Once we even agreed that when I become the Olympic Champion, the track would be built. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a chance to win the Olympics, but the track was soon constructed. I don’t even know, whether this can be turned into my merit.

— Don’t you regret that you had no chance to compete on the home track?

— As clever people say, there is no better investment than to invest in children. Okay, cycle racing is not my offspring; but all the boys and girls, who come to train there, are mine too. Throughout my career, I think I did much to promote this sport. And I’m sincerely glad, that young rider can train in such majestic conditions, we couldn’t even dream of! That is why there is no sadness. Let’s hope, that out track will help us to train many new stars.

— What did you feel when it was announced, that Minsk was chosen as the 2013 World Championships venue?

— I was extremely delighted! Even though I wouldn’t have a chance to please my fans, with real pleasure I will dive back into fantastic atmosphere of track cycling. This is really a spectacular show, with numerous disciplines and formats. Imagine that every time the picture you try to grasp is changing, as a kaleidoscope, and you are overwhelmed with emotions! I’m sure, no one will be disappointed after this event.

— Recently, you’ve gave birth to the third daughter. Congratulations on that happy occasion!

— Thank you very much! Maria, Anna and Ekaterina are my major awards. They are not gold; they are diamond medals. I have always been dreaming about big family, and now my dream has come true.


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