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Preparation for the Championship
goes according to the plan

16 Jul 2012

On June 26-27, 2012 the International Cycling Union (UBI) delegation visited Minsk. On the committee were: LARDIERI TIZIANA - coordinator of the activities on the cycling track, PERUZZI GILLES - sports coordinator on the cycling track and FRIEDRICH TOBIAS OSCAR - coordinator for the TV broadcasts and the media. The purpose of the visit was the inspection of the preparations for the forthcoming World Championship which will be held in Minsk next year.

During the visit to the main arena of the competition - "Velodrome" of the multi-functional sports complex "Minsk-Arena", UBI representatives inspected all the aspects of the functioning of this sports complex. According to GILLES PERUZZI, there can be no such thing as trifles when conducting a planetary forum. Therefore, rather principled members of the Inspection Committee were interested in almost everything: the size of the locker rooms, availability of saunas and massage rooms, the number of columns under the overpass of the track, the power of sound and the quality of acoustics at the core of the velodrome; how protocol standards are sustained in the placement of the flagpole and the pedestal for the ceremony, what color the carpet in the Hall is, etc., etc. ...

As a result of many hours of guided tours and discussions of all the details with Belarusian experts, the representatives of the International Cycling Union were satisfied with what they had seen and with the progress of the preparation for the Planetary Forum. The main conclusion of the foreign professionals is that the preparation goes according to the plan.

In an interview with reporters GILLES PERUZZI noted that, even though Belarus does not have enough experience in the conduct of the world championship on the track (as it will be held here for the first time), enthusiasm and professionalism, with which the Belarusian part took up the matter, inspire great admiration. This gives reason to be confident that everything will be organized properly. Italian expert also confirmed that the cycle track in Minsk is really one of the best in the world and that the construction of such sports complex, of course, was a good investment made by the state for the development of sports and social sectors.

The current visit of the Inspection Committee of the International Cycling Union was the first since the signing of the agreement to hold the world championship in Minsk. It is expected that a similar commission on organization of the accreditation of the official participants and guests of the tournament will be visiting Belarus in September, and later our capital will be visited by technical specialists whose job is to ensure the work of the judiciary.


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